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We have selected the best  Spy Software  on the market. It  has  an online  account (accessible  through  username/pw) to manage all device data. The software  is user-friendly  and easy  to  install on the target phone. Also the online panel is easy to use.
You will buy a 12-month license from us and any renew will be  made  by  you directly  through your online panel.

To  install  the  software  you will  need  to  have  physical access to the  target phone for about 10-20 minutes!

Tip: You may desire a VPN connection to connect your online panel in 100% non-traceable way!

Main Features

Ambient Listening

Hear what is happening around the device. Make a hidden call to the target phone for listening in on the phone's surroundings, like a bug!

call report
Calls Reporting

Get the full list of incoming/outgoing phone calls with their duration and timestamp.

WhatsApp Spy

Secretly spy all in/out messages and also see status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons.

Act 100% hiddenly

Menage all your activities on target phone in 100% undetectable way. Browse its content, Apps and remotely control it.

View Emails

See in/out emails sent and received by email App.

geo fencing

Set a defined area to be warned whenever the target phone goes across, in or comes out of it.

  Notes & Calendar

See all events programmed in calendar and also all notes saved on target phone. It could be there something interesting...

various apps
Catch all chats

Get any chat (in /out messages, emoticons, files, audio, etc.) from WhatsApp, Hangouts, WeChat, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, Line, VK chat, Telegram.

GPS Tracking

Track locations history and get live positions of target phone. You'll always know where it is.

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified if SIM card is changed. It will silently notify you by SMS to let you know the new phone number.

Remotely Control

Fully control the target phone by remote through your phone.

Read Contact

See all contacts saved in address book, with phone numbers and details.

Record surrounding

Secretly record any spy call (bug function) within high quality MP3 file. Get your private archive of all phone's surroundings.

ovi store
Monitor installed Apps

Get constantly informed about Apps installed and removed from target phone.

vip contacts
Pref. calls alert

Set specific contacts and numbers which you want to be informed of when the target phone calls them.

Sw Light weight

The software's weight of all our products is between around 200k to 800k. They does not stuff the target phone, never!

Check battery status

Get constantly informed about target's battery life status, to organize your tracking.

Social monitoring

See all target's activity on Viber and Skype.

Take screenshots

Take screenshots of phone activities to get always  informed about target phone activity.

View Multimedia Files

View all multimedia files stored on target phone, such as videos, photo, audio files, Apps photos, etc.

SMS Tracking

Read all text and multimedia messages sent and received by the target phone, even if they have been deleted from it.

sms remote control
Remote commands

Most of the available features and settings can be also configured by remote commands. You'll have the full control of your target... anytime... anywhere.

control panel
Online panel

Simply menage all data and all features online through your account or by the mobile App. It's accessible by desktop or by mobile.

Menage subscriptions

You will have the full control of all your monitored devices and all your licenses (expiry dates, etc). You'll menage all them without problem.

The Best ever Symbian Spy Software!

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The full list of available features

These are all the features of the software:

- Call logs;
- Listen to phone surroundings;
- Record to phone surroundings;
- Read SMS messages;
- Read MMS messages;
- Read Emails;
- View Current GPS location;
- Track GPS location;
- Geo Fencing;
- Spy WhatsApp activity;
- Spy Viber activity;
- Spy Hangouts activity;
- Spy Skype activity;
- Spy WeChat activity;
- Spy Line activity;
- Spy Yahoo Messenger activity;
- Spy Snapchat activity;
- Spy VK chat activity;
- Spy Telegram chat activity;
- Get videos, images, audio files;
- Screenshots;
- Get images from Apps;
- See address book;
- Get calendar events;
- Spy notes.


- Free Updates;
- It runs 100% undetectable;
- Remote commands;
- Sim card change alert;
- Hide from application list/task manager;
- Track Apps activity (add and remove);
- Get notified when it Calls a specific contact;
- Save battery life.

The software is currently out of stock. Please ask us for availability.
Get your software with complete instructions for a quick installation on target device. Get a quote!

The software is compatible with all Nokia devices with OS Symbian Anna & Belle.