Hard disk remote capture for Windows Pc
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It's  possible  to remotely  catch  the  full copy of the hard disk of  Windows machines (desktop and laptop), OS files and directories excluded.

The gateway  to access  the machine is  the email address. You  must know  the target's  email  address to perform this service.

If you are interest in this service please contact us to know more!
Before  contacting  us,  please  collect  as much  useful  information as  possible in order to receive exhaustive answers to your questions; and in particular:

- target's email address; *
- machine's windows software (Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc.);
- machine's hardware (processor);
- type of machine (Desktop Pc or Laptop);
- email client;
- firewall and/or antivirus;
- personal information and interests of the target;
- one or more email addresses that usually exchange with target's email address;
- anything else you may consider useful.

* = mandatory

Facebook logo  We offer also the FACEBOOK PASSWORD catch/recovery service!

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To  perform  this  service  you  MUST  know Target's  FB   account  username, Target's  email  address  linked to FB account, and also mobile phone number linked to FB account (if any).