Privacy Policy

Since our  website  doesn't collect  any  personal  data  during its  surfing, no rule  applies  to  the  treatment  of  them.

When  the  website's  user submit any kind of personal information through the website add-ons, it's to be clarified that there  isn't  any  kind  of  encryption of   the  submitted  data. Also  for  phone/ online Chat communications  and  emails exchanges  there  isn't any  encryption  of data. Stated  our  Company  takes  all  precautions  to  protect  its electronical communications, it can't be held liable for any information leakage or interception.

All  the personal  information  provided  by the  customer will be withheld only the time necessary for the performing of the assignment. After this time frame all data will be deleted without keeping any copy of them.

No  rules  or laws  impose  us  to  store customers  data; then the provision of data to third parties isn't expected  in any case.