Which kind of features are available with Pc/MAC/Smartphones spy software programs?
Our spy software programs are the best on the market! They are always the  full version available for  features  variety  and completeness. They capture all  possible things. Check  the dedicate product page to find out available features for each kind of OS.

I need a software not shown among your products. What about that?
If not listed on our website, we can't help you. Sorry.

Have you any solution for Windows Mobile devices, BlackBerry devices or Symbian devices?
No, we haven't any product for your needs. Sorry.

I would like to know the detailed features available for a specific spy software. Is it possible?
Yes, of  course. In  Products  section  select  the  product  you  are  interested in. Inside  that  page you  will  find  all  the information about the product and his features. More questions? Here we are!

I want to be sure about software/machine compatibility. What can I do?
In  each  section you can find  the available compatibilities. If you have any other questions or doubts do  not  hesitate to contact us.

Do I need to have physical access to target device to install software?
Yes, almost  always. Only  for  some  devices   we  have  products  for   a  remote  stealth  installation.  Check  dedicate sections to know more.

I have problems installing the spy software.
Please  refer to  developer's  installation  instructions (sent  with the software)... if  the problem  persist, keep  in  touch with  his  technical support /assistance in order to fix it.

Which kind of assistance do you provide on products?
Generally assistance on products is given directly by the developer. After purchase you will have all references to get in touch with   them  in  order to  fix  any problem  will  incur. However, we  can  supply  basic  assistance  about  software installation procedures and functions.

Is your assistance free?
If we can help you we will be glad to do it for free. If we can't aid you we'll redirect you to developer  to fix any  problem will incur. A high level assistance from us may request a fee. If so, we will notice you in advance about any required fee and you'll be free to decide.

The software doesn't work. Why?
We  haven't an answer  to  this question. Maybe  there is  something  you  did  wrong  during  installation  process... Try again or contact developer's assistance to fix it.

Are available shortly time frames for licenses?
At the first purchase no. At renewal moment, time frame of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months will be available (mobile spy software only).