All indicated prices are final prices?
Yes. There are no hidden costs or anything else.

Do I have to pay VAT?
Absolutely not. Our prices are not subjected to VAT.

Are there any other costs?
The only costs not shown or not calculated are the PayPal fees for refunding money  to  the  clients. These costs depend on the amount to be returned and they are charged by PayPal, not by us.

Is it possible to have any discount?
If you  are going to buy a bulk quantity we  can discuss  about  a discount... For a single item  order  or  little  quantities, unfortunately it's not possible.

Prices shown on your website are up to date?
Generally, yes. However it may be an increase in  prices not shown quickly on website... in  this case you will be notified asap after your order/payment. At  this  moment  you  can  decide  to  pay  the  rise  or to cancel the order and  get  your money back.

What do you state in my credit card statement concerning the transaction?
We don't state anything... Paypal state it, but they only state "Paypal transaction to Metel Ltd.". Don't worry!