Why do I have to pay in advance?
Because the world is full of dishonest people and we have to protect ourselves and our work.

Can I pay a deposit, and settle the balance in a second time?
Unfortunately no. The software will be delivered to you  within few  hours and must be  paid in full before  the delivery.

How can I pay?
You can quickly and simply  pay  by debit  cards, credit  cards, prepaid  cards  or  by  your  PayPal  account, directly  on website. Alternatively,  you  can  pay  also  by  Bitcoins  (in this event please contact us  to place your order). We  don't accept cash on delivery (Western Union, Money Gram, etc.), cash, bank wire, checks, etc. .

Is there a time limit to settle the requested amount?
There isn't an official time limit. Generally you pay at the moment of the order through Paypal/credit card.
In  some  circumstances it  could  be that  you have to pay in a different moment (i.e.  if you have to integrate an already done payment, if  you  have ordered  by  email without   passing  through  Online  Orders, etc.); in these cases we wait  about 7 days  before  strike off  your order. Please , bear  in  mind that the  workout of your request does not start unless we've collected your payment.