Spy Software for iOS (not jailbroken)
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We have selected the best  Spy Software  on the market. It  has  an online  account (accessible  through  username/pw) to manage all device data. The software  is user-friendly and easy  to  install on the target phone. Also  the online panel is easy to use.
You will buy a 12-month license from us and you renew it (1, 3, 12 months) directly  through  your online panel.
The  device (NOT  jailbroken)  must  have  iCloud  backup active! If not, you'll  have to enable it  inside  the phone settings. You  also  must know iCloud access credentials to configure the software!
The  full  procedure  may  take up to 10-20 minutes.

If the device is jailbroken  please refer to  Mobile Spy Software for Jailbroken iOS Devices .

If you don't have physical access to the target phone please refer to  Mobile Spy Software iOS remote solution .

Tip: You may desire a VPN connection to connect your online panel in a 100% non-traceable way!

Main Features

call report
Calls Reporting

Get the full list of incoming/outgoing phone calls with their duration and timestamp.

Monitor Internet Activities

View all URLs visited by the target phone through web browser.

Act 100% hiddenly

The software is 100% undetectable. Target will never know he is getting monitored.

control panel
Online panel

Simply menage all data and all features online through your account. It's accessible by desktop or by mobile.

sms and imessages
SMS Tracking

Read all text and multimedia messages sent and received by the target phone, even if they have been deleted from it

View Notes

Read all notes from mobile device. Maybe you can know important data such as usernames and passwords, sensitive information, meetings, appointments or other sensitive data.

Menage subscriptions

You will have the full control of all your monitored devices and all your licenses (expiry dates, etc). You'll menage all them without problem.

Read Contact

See all contacts saved in address book, with phone numbers and details.

The Best ever Apple iOS Spy Software!

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The full list of available features

These are all the features of the software:

- View sent / received SMS and iMessages;
- View call history;
- View all contacts stored on the phone;
- View internet browsing history;
- View events;
- View notes.


- 100% undetectable;
- Save battery life.

The price for the 12-month license is € 239,00 .

Get your software with complete instructions for a quick installation on device. Buy it now!

The software is compatible with all iOS versions. Not Jailbroken iOS devices only.